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Industry dynamics

The future world with Graphene

Release time:2018-09-12Author:Source:Zhengzhou Advanced Material Tech. Ltd.Click:1178

Because of remarkable performances in thermal conductivity, mechanic durability, high adsorption ability, electronic properties and quantum Hall effects, research and development of graphene technology receive intense concern in many principles of applications. So far, graphene technology has demonstrated great potential in many applications such as sensor, composite material, optical electronic device and medical applications. It could be foreseen that graphene will lead the technical break-through and the revolution in next-generation technology development.

Concerning the technical achievement so far, the technical revolution will occur in five applications: A) The flexibility, unique electronic properties and great transparency of graphene will boost the development of optical electronic technologies, such as touch screen, wearable electronics, OLED, solar energy etc. B) The light weight, high specific surface area and high electronic conductivity will boost the new energy applications, such as graphene based super-capacitors and graphene enhanced rechargeable batteries, etc. C) The great mechanic durability, electronic and thermal conductivity of graphene will benefit the technical development of composite material applications. For example, by combining with plastic materials, great potential has been foreseen in electronic circuit, thermal radiation device and high durability structural materials. D) Graphene could be the break-through for developing next-generation semiconductor devices, grapheme based IC chip and tetra-hertz devices. E) Due to the high sensitivity to mono-molecule, graphene is considered as one of the most promising materials for biological technologies and medical sensor development.


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