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Industry dynamics

what is grapheme

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Graphene is named as a combination of graphite and the suffix –ene, and classified as a crystalline allotrope of carbon with 2-dimensional lattice. The carbon atoms are packed densely in a regular atomic scale hexagonal pattern and a thickness of one carbon atom. The mono-atomic layer structure allows nearly 98% visible light to transmit the material, that makes the graphene a great candidate for optical application. The unique structure contributes a theoretical specific surface area of 2630m2g, which demonstrates great adsorption ability comparable to activated carbon. The unique bonding condition of every carbon atom in the lattice merges the conduction and the valence band at the Dirac point that makes grapheme a zero-gap semiconductor. This electronic structure of graphene results in remarkable electron mobility of 15000cm2 V-1 s-1 at the room temperature. This not only gives a high thermal conductivity of 5300W/m K but also the highest electronic resistivity of 10-6Ωcm among the known materials. It makes graphene one of the most promising materials for next-generation thin film transistor (TFT). Besides, grapheme is the strongest material ever tested with an intrinsic tensile strength of 130.5Gpa and a Young’s modulus of 1Tpa (150M psi). That is over 100 times strong than the finest steel in the world. In other word, the grapheme packing bag with single carbon atom thick could sustain 2 ton heavy load. These unique characteristics make graphene the most promising material in material technology development.

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