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What is our Advantages?
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About Us

What is our Advantages?

  01 、The technique support from international expertise

  Leading by the world famous material scientist, Prof. Guosheng Shao, and other international experts as consultant group, the technological solution provided from ZAMTL covers scientific theory, process innovation and product applications to meet every aspect of customer's enquiries.

  02 、The effective R&D Team

  We are proud of all of our R&D team members are with a related PhD background and working experience. It strongly support the technical innovation in ZAMTL.

  03 、Patent for invention

  ZAMTL possesses over 50 patents regards to grapheme technology that allows we serve our customers with the cutting-edge technologies.

  04 、Mass Production Capability

  The advance technology utilized in ZAMTL allows us to provide 50 ton high quality grapheme powder and 1000 ton graphene slurry to our customers, annually.

  05 、Customization service is available

  ZAMTL provides the service to collaborate with our customers for customized technology and product development.

  06 、Professional product examination and characterization

  ZAMTL is equipped with the latest and completed collection of equipments for the characterization and examination of our graphene, and guarantees the quality of our products.