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Chairman of the Board


Prof. Guosheng Shao is employed by University of Zhengzhou as distinguished professor, the national expert in material science and the head director of National Intelligent Design Centre of Environmental Materials and International Collaborations. He used to take up the post of senior research officer in University of Surrey, associated professor in University of Brunel. He was then employed as professor of material modeling, the head director of Institute of Material Research and Innovation and head director of school of sports and biological science in University of Bolton. He used to be the members in Committee of British Material Chemistry, Committee of British Material Science and Group of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development. In the year of 2016, Prof. Shao established Zhengzhou Materials Genome Institute. In 2018, he is employed as visiting professor by University of Surrey in U.K. Prof. Shao receives his expertised reputation in material modeling and fabrication.
Prof. Shao’s research interest is in: Designer Materials Approach, Renewable Energy Materials and Devices, Advanced Material Characterization and Mass Production of Functional Thin Film, etc. He has published over 200 papers in core SCI cited journals, including Nature, Acta Materials, Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Materials Chemistry, and applied over 30 patterns. He founded ZAMTL in 2018 as the product based on his academic achievements.